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Services, Tools & Frameworks

What we do and say as individuals and organizations matter. At Responsible Business Consulting, we shape our work to deliver quality and focused services for you.


Aligned to international guidelines like the Global Goals, Global Compact Principles, GRI, ISO; our solutions include:

  • Strategy and organizational policy development
  • Program design and implementation
  • Capability building
  • Materiality analysis
  • Stakeholder dialogues, partnership engagement, and thought leadership platforms
  • Reporting/evaluation – Global Compact, GRI

Focused on authentic story telling and communication, at RBC we provide the following solutions:

  • Strategy development – internal and external communications
  • Internal communications strategy and plans, leadership communications and employee engagement
  • Workshops, events and conferences concept and content design
  • Moderation/facilitation for workshop, events, conferences
  • Communications/PR training & capability building
  • Case studies development
Tools & Frameworks
  • Understanding key international sustainability guidelines, standards, principles and how to operationalise them
  • Sustainability strategy development
  • Good practice case studies development
  • Sustainability materiality analysis
  • Stakeholder dialogues
  • Sustainability project design
  • Various Sustainability /Sustainability policy guides – Sustainability , environment, ethics, etc.
Tools & Frameworks
  • Communications training
  • Media & crisis communications training
  • Developing a communications strategy
  • Developing an employee engagement strategy
  • Designing a communications plan
  • PR toolkit content & templates
  • PR and communications measurement guide
  • Further best-in-class tools and frameworks are used to help you add business value and build a responsible business
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